We Bring Ideas to Life

Videos are an accessible and engaging way to showcase a proposed plan without sacrificing critical detail. As such, it’s often the ideal way to help your audience grasp a plan’s full potential.

Much of our work – which is topographically accurate to the meter and accounts for local fauna and flora – focuses on sites that are not fully developed or simply do not currently exist.

Simply provide us with a location, reference photos, and the general message you’re trying to convey, and we’ll take it from there.

We’re motivated by the opportunity to bring plans to life and help your new and exciting projects take shape.


Ironfin has worked with a wide range of clients including the following:

Agnico Eagle

Virtual Flyovers

Lockheed Martin

Technical 3D Renderings

City of Ottawa

3D Promotions

What our clients say

Permitting Team, Agnico Eagle

Ironfin has provided a unique and exceptional product that has been used in consultation and regulatory affairs.